Software is hard and there's just no reason for it. Here at Ratchet Designs, we believe in the power of small (or large) companies working together. Focus drives excellence but it can seem impossible to maintain focus while serving all of the varied needs of a large customer base. There are three possibilities: build, buy, or leave customers underserved. We believe in a fourth way: partner.

No customer patronizes just one vendor so everyone benefits when every tool can seamlessly interoperate. We need generic solutions in software, supporting arbitrary composition, to drive the next phase of growth in our industry.

The rise of "big tech" demonstrated that big and amalgamative won the first round of the software revolution. We are firm believers that small and composable wins in the long run. But only if we work hard to eliminate the transaction costs and specific solutions that drive up the costs of integration and have tipped the scales away from ad hoc partnership. That's where we come in.